Dropped Bitcoin Volatility Agitates the Traders, What May be their


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Bitcoin price is swing within the same unvaried positions for nearly a week and hence manifests the possibilities of revisiting the lower support soon. In the meantime, the address holding 1+ BTC reached an ATH and the total transaction volume on the Bitcoin network spiked to $100 trillion. 

While the network activity is rising, why BTC price is stuck within a limited range?

It is interesting to note that the volume has surged significantly since the beginning of August while the prices remained low-key. Therefore, the asset might have faced an equal buying & selling action which has perplexed the investors. Now, when the consolidation is heading toward the north, it is mandatory for the BTC price to sustain above $21,000. 

One of the popular analysts, michael van de poppe

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here marks the upper targets of the rally if the lower support is maitnained at $21,000. 

The analyst believes that the upcoming coupleof hours could be crucial for the entire crypto space as the PCE numbers are about to be released. It is a measure of People’s living in the US which is currently around 123.19. Additionally, Jeremy Powell, Fed-Chair’s speech at Jackson Hole addressing the central banker’s meeting is expected to be a decisive factor for the upcoming rally. 

Therefore, the analyst believes, the crypto space, specifically, Bitcoin may foresee a fakeout or a short-term bounce in the coming hours. Hence the investors need to be more cautious for the next 24 hours of trade.