Ardana Announces Partnership with Cardano DeFi Leader Optim Finance

  • Optim and Ardana announced a partnership in a March 9 Medium blog post.
  • Ardana’s services will enhance Optim Finance’s revenue streams for its users
  • Prior to launch, both companies will test core infrastructure together to ensure seamless integration and interoperability when they go live.

Ardana has partnered with Optim Finance, as announced in a March 9 Medium blog post.

Optim Finance will rely on Ardana’s services to ensure capital efficient and optimized revenue streams for its users. Optim users will have access to high-yield and in-demand stable assets to extend their yield generation capabilities. Additionally, Optim vaults will be able to leverage the Ardana ecosystem for optimal capital allocation through low friction native and stable asset trading on the Cardano network.

Moreover, Stableswap DEXs power some of the most important yield opportunities and have a critical role to play within Optim vault’s multi-step strategies. Ardana will provide the capacity to both generate and swap a variety of stable assets. Optim will also maximize its own internal revenue streams by providing native auto-compounding and leverage capabilities for Ardana vaults.

Furthermore, Optim’s liquidity provides strategies in the Ardana protocol that can participate in the liquidity mining mechanism by staking LP tokens in the Ardana Rewards Enhancement Module (AREM). As a result, DANA rewards will appear for Optim’s strategy vaults, which will further serve to unite both communities in governance and voting power.

Prior to launch, Ardana and Optim will test core infrastructure together to ensure seamless integration and interoperability when both protocols go live. One example is Optim’s Inbox NFT for contract-to-contract interactions, as well as ‘programmable escrows’ to execute multi-step strategies.

Optim Finance is a suite of products that include Single Asset Vaults, DEX LP Vaults, Staking Ops, and Lender Ops. This suite of products are designed to optimize yield generation in the Cardano DeFi ecosystem.

On the other hand, Ardana is Cardano’s stablecoin hub which brings necessary DeFi primitives to bootstrap and maintain any economy to Cardano. Ardana offers an on-chain asset-backed stablecoin, as well as a decentralized stable-asset DEX.

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