May – Work Progress Report

Zcash hardfork, Nvidia LHR GPU 100% unlock, big blocks in the Ethereum pool, cryptocurrency node updates, Ethereum difficulty bomb activation.

Ethereum Difficulty Bomb

Ethereum block time started to go up recently due to the activated difficulty bomb.

What does that mean?
Fewer blocks in the network -> Fewer transactions the network could handle within a certain time (i.e. 1 day or 1 hour). As a result, the ETH transaction fees could go even higher during periods of high demand.

Fewer blocks in the network -> Less reward for the miners.

What’s next?
According to ETH developer Tim Beiko, the next month the block time will continue to grow. Then the developers think to postpone the difficulty bomb for 2-4 months again. The difficulty bomb was designed in 2015 and it was already postponed multiple times.

You could check the current block time of the Ethereum Network in 2CryptoCalc.

ZEC Hardfork

Zcash Network Upgrade 5 (NU5) was activated at block 1 687 104. We updated Zcash node software to the latest 5.0.0 version which included many protocol improvements.

If you are a ZEC miner there is nothing extra you should set in your mining software. 2Miners pool is already set to provide you with the best ZEC mining experience.


This month we also updated the Zcash pool API and statistics pages. This means that you have now the detailed hashrate statistics and share statistics available. You are also able to change the payout threshold in the ZEC pool!

You may need to clear your browser cache with Shift+Ctrl+R to see the update.

Nvidia LHR GPU Unlock

You could now fully unlock Nvidia LHR graphics card potential. NBMiner was the first to release the new mining software followed by Gminer and T-rex. From May 2022 there is no difference if a particular card is LHR or non-LHR. Their mining hashrates would be the same. We updated GPU hashrates on 2CryptoCalc.

We did our own test to prove this. The results are available in the post How to Fully Unlock Nvidia LHR Graphics Cards with NBMiner: Experiment Results.

Node Updates

We updated these cryptocurrency nodes in May.

Ergo Protocol Reference Client 4.0.30
Firo v0.14.10.0-16b25e7
Zec 5.0.0

Big ETH Blocks

By tradition, we post the most significant Ethereum blocks at the end of the month.

Records of May:

39.2 ETH in Pool, block #14 876 343
49.7 ETH in Solo, block #14 723 946

There were also a lot of blocks with MEV included. This month block #14 790 914 holds the record of 20.1 MEV per single block. What are MEV rewards? How is MEV distributed?

You could always find the recent blocks on the blocks page of the Ethereum pool.

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