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Electricity consumption on some of the biggest crypto networks dropped by as much as 50%, as depressed token prices forced miners to shut shop, according to the Guardian. Crypto miners are feeling the pinch The recent sell-off was a brutal reminder of how volatile crypto investing can be. But it’s not just investors who are […]
According to PC Gamer, crypto miners are dumping their GPUs in increasing numbers as token prices falter during the downturn. The knock-on effect has seen a steady decrease in the cost of graphics cards as the market gets flooded with availability. In analyzing European prices, Tom’s Hardware reported a divergence in pricing between manufacturers. AMD […]
Five U.S. Senators have sent a letter to the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), requesting the entity to restrict energy use for Proof-of-Work (PoW) crypto miners. The Senators — Sheldon Whitehouse, Elizabeth Warren, Tina Smith, Jeff Merkley, and Ed Markey — raised concerns over the impact PoW mining has on the […]
Bitcoin miners are selling their earnings to keep up with the increasing operating costs. As the electricity prices continue to increase and Bitcoin follows its downtrend, miners can’t afford to HODL anymore. Bitcoin Miners’ Wallet Balances The sell-off trend started in early 2022, as the above chart demonstrates. At the time, experts commented that the […]
A recently published study compared Bitcoin’s and traditional finance’s energy requirements to find that Bitcoin currently uses 56 times less energy. Even with the current PoW system, one Bitcoin transaction is five times more energy-efficient than a classical transaction. Results of the study On the other hand, Bitcoin Lightning is 194 million and 1 million […]
A new research paper published by the Bank for International Settlements has equated miner extractable value (MEV) to illegal activities in traditional markets like front-running and sandwich trades. MEV refers to profits that miners can earn by choosing which transactions to include in a block and in which order. The report deems MEV to be: […]
Ethereum is by far the most popular cryptocurrency for GPU miners. However, there is little time left for Ethereum in its proof-of-work state. It moves to proof-of-stake later this year when it merges with the beacon chain. What will happen to GPU miners, and where will the hashing power end up? There are plenty of […]
Eric Adams, the incumbent Mayor of New York City, plans to ask  Governor Kathy Hochul to veto a bill looking to impose a two-year ban on Proof-of-Work (PoW), Adams told Crain’s New York Business. Speaking out against the New York Assembly Bill A7389C, Adams said it would cause New York residents significant economic damage if […]
As Bitcoin fell as low as $22,600, some mining equipment manufactured in 2019 is no longer profitable, while the rest is barely producing positive returns. Bitcoin (BTC) mining company Bitdeer posted a chart on Twitter showing the price limits for each piece of equipment to remain profitable. For your information, we publish the latest list […]
Ethereum 2.0 (Consensus Layer) is set to take a significant step forward as the Merge testnet goes live around June 8. Ropsten Merge Announcement Ethereum’s longest lived PoW testnet is moving to Proof of Stake! A new beacon chain has been launched today, and The Merge is expected around June 8th on the network. Node […]
Bitcoin broke out of its record 9-week trend of closing in the red with its June 5 close at $29,997, barely above the $29,422 level required to be in the green. BTCUSD chart Bitcoin’s price showed a 5% increase for the last  24 hours, going up to $31,600 at the time of writing from $29,984. […]
Years ago, Ethereum developers decided to quit cryptocurrency mining. And now, on June 8th, Ethereum’s test network called Ropsten will host the merge to shift to staking and abandon mining completely. On that day, only the test network will get an update, while the main cryptocurrency network will get it sometime in the near future. […]
Against the backdrop of fiscal tightening and slowing growth in the crypto industry, Bitcoin miners are selling their holdings. Crypto YouTuber Lark Davies commented that this has been happening since the start of the crypto crash. Usually, miners hold on to tokens during downturns and sell them once the downturn has passed. That way, miners […]
Kenya is looking to become Africa’s first Bitcoin mining hub by inviting Bitcoin mining companies to use surplus geothermal energy to power their operations, according to local media outlet The Standard. KenGen, the largest electric power producer in Kenya, disclosed that some mining firms have already approached it about the matter. The company did not […]
Lawmakers in New York passed a bill that would ban new Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining operations from setting up shop in the state. The bill is now headed to the desk of New York’s governor Kathy Hochul, who will sign it into law or veto it. A moratorium on crypto mining in New York Bill A7389C, […]
An energy team of the White House is drafting a policy recommendations report to address issues concerning cryptocurrency mining’s energy consumption and emissions, according to a report by Bloomberg Law. The policy report, expected in August, could be one of the first case studies of the impact of mining after U.S. President Joe Biden issued […]
Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) is billed as a powerful vehicle to create value, drive sustainability, and deliver a more equitable world. But behind the social justice warrior hype lies the potential to pick winners and losers, and unfortunately for crypto, the verdict is mainly negative from an ESG perspective. However, diving deeper reveals […]
Zcash hardfork, Nvidia LHR GPU 100% unlock, big blocks in the Ethereum pool, cryptocurrency node updates, Ethereum difficulty bomb activation. Ethereum Difficulty Bomb Ethereum block time started to go up recently due to the activated difficulty bomb. What does that mean? Fewer blocks in the network -> Fewer transactions the network could handle within a […]
The ErgoDEX team tweeted that they are two weeks into a testnet run and have been getting stable results. The next step is performance optimization and ironing out bugs before launching on the Cardano chain. We have been running our Cardano testnet for around 2 weeks at this point. We are now getting stable results […]
The US has become the dominant country for crypto mining, but that dominance isn’t reflected in the crypto mining stocks, which continue to perform poorly as the market plunges, Barrons reported. The Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI) had revealed that the US accounts for around 38% of the global Bitcoin hash rate in January […]
New Bitcoin (BTC) mining data from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) has revealed that China has resurfaced as a leading mining hub. This resurgence comes after the country banned BTC mining in the past year, citing BTC’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, which is energy-intensive. According to CCAF, China’s ban on BTC mining saw […]
One more Nvidia ETH miner is now available with full LHR unlock – the lolMiner 1.50. The miner offers 100% LHR unlock on Nvidia GPUs with LHR V1 and V2 GPUs for all supported algorithms including Ethash and dual Mining. It requires Nvidia video driver versions 510.x (Linux) or 512.x (Windows) and sudo / administrator […]
Apart from QuickMiner NiceHash and NBMiner that already have full LHR unlock for Nvidia’s GPUs with Low Hash Rate (LHR) there is now a third option available. The T-Rex miner comes along with 100% LHR Unlock for the Ethash and AutoLykos2 crypto algorithms on v1 and v2 Nvidia LHR video cards, only the latest v3 […]
After NiceHash releasing their QuickMiner with full Nvidia GPU Low Hash Rate (LHR) unlock first, NBMiner comes wiht an update that also unlocks the full hashrate on of LHR GPUs. Unlike the NiceHash release however, the NBMiner is not limited to the NiceHash service, it can be used on all mining pools for Ethereum (ETH). […]
The latest NiceHash QuickMiner (Excavator) is the first mining software to fully unlock Nvidia’s LHR video cards for mining Ethereum (ETH). Do note that currenly all Nvidia RTX 30 series GPUs with v1 and v2 LHR should be supported and being unlocked to full hjashrate when mining Ethereum, but LHR v3 GPUs, namely RTX 3050 […]
Kazakhstan has imposed new reporting requirements that seek to determine the energy consumption rate by crypto miners. The order requires every crypto-miner in the country to provide detailed information about their operations 30 days before commencing operations.  Kazakhstan requests new information from miners The new rules aim to determine how crypto mining affects the country’s […]
The Bitcoin Mining  Council, led by Michael Saylor, has hit back at a US Congress group that petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency to criticize proof of work mining. The council’s letter focuses, in part, on comparing Bitcoin mines to computer data centers.  They aim to highlight that the EPA has no jurisdiction to dictate what […]
CoinWarz shows the Bitcoin hash rate continues to explode, hitting a new all-time high of 270 EH/s on Monday before settling around the 220 EH/s today. A rising Bitcoin hash rate indicates the number of miners on the network is growing. This is often taken as a measure of growing miners’ confidence in BTC. Source: […]
The Bitcoin Mining Council has released a report that confirms that 58.4% of Bitcoin mining comes from a “sustainable electricity mix.” Elon Musk famously said that Tesla would start accepting Bitcoin when  “there’s confirmation of reasonable (~50%) clean energy usage by miners with positive future trend, Tesla will resume allowing Bitcoin transactions.” Bitcoin Mining Council […]
Ethereum Classic and Ergo mining rewards reduction, extra rewards in the Ethereum pool, new API and statistics pages for Horizen, multiple cryptocurrency node updates, currency selection available. Currency Selection Now you could select your local currency on No matter which pool language you use, you could select the currency for statistics representation on your […]
The World Bank recently reported that global energy prices could remain “historically high” until 2024. They expect energy prices to “rise more than 50% in 2022.” Given that energy is the only direct cost to the Bitcoin mining network, what might this mean for the future of PoW mining? Speaking to Mas Nakachi, Managing Director […]
The New York State Assembly has passed a mining moratorium bill to pause all crypto mining development for two years. The essence of the moratorium is to give the state enough time to examine the impact of mining in the state. Two-year moratorium on carbon-fueled mining Assemblymember Anna Kelles sponsored the Bill designed to prevent […]
New York has become a battleground for crypto mining after lawmaker Anna Kelles submitted a proposal to “place a two-year moratorium on reactivating fossil-fuel power plants for off-the-grid cryptocurrency mining,” the Wall Street Journal reported. Kyle Schneps, director of Bitcoin mining company Foundry Digital LLC, said. “We view the battle going on in New York […]
Online debate around the upcoming Bitcoin (BTC) halving event is heating up. Those discussing it are delighted that the cryptocurrency community only has approximately two years before this event, leaving many outsiders asking what it is and why it is so crucial. According to CoinMetrics‘ ‘State of the Network’ email newsletter dated April 19, Bitcoin […]
Spencer Dinwiddie of the Dallas Mavericks, in conjunction with Bitrefill, the world’s largest crypto-only online store, team up to launch the Bitsneaks shoe. The Bitsneaks feature a black-on-black colorway with contrasting sole and embroidered logo. Appealing to Bitcoin fans, they also come with additional extras, including an 825-lumen LED display to broadcast the BTC price. […]
Ethereum Protocol Developer Tim Beiko said earlier in the week that the Merge will not happen in June, as previously stated. Persistent delays have plagued Ethereum’s transition to a Proof-of-Stake protocol. Users voice concerns that each setback is an opportunity for rival layer 1s to catch up. However, the founder of website Week in Ethereum […]
Ethereum’s highly anticipated transition to a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus that is anticipated to be live in June is set to be shifted to an unknown date, this was revealed by Tim Beiko, one of the lead developers on the project. Ethereum’s transition to PoS postponed from June According to a tweet from Beiko, […]
Ethereum’s highly anticipated transition to a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus that is anticipated to be live in June is set to be shifted to an unknown date, this was revealed by Tim Beiko, one of the lead developers on the project. Ethereum’s transition to PoS postponed from June According to a tweet from Beiko, […]
Blockstream and Block, formerly known as Square, have announced plans to start mining Bitcoin in Texas using solar-powered technology created by Tesla. According to a press release issued by the firms, the Bitcoin mining facility is expected to be completed before the end of this year. Per CNBC, the co-founder of Blockstream, Adam Back, said […]
Bitcoin miners in Norway run their operations solely on renewable energy thanks to the country’s climate-conscious industry, according to a  report by Arcane Research. Miners in the country also benefit from the colder climate, lenient regulation, and low tax rates for their operations. Most of all, the country provides some of the cheapest electricity in […]
Bitcoin miner Marathon Digital Holdings plans to relocate its coal-powered Hardin mining facility in the US state of Montana to a more sustainable location. This is part of its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint by using non-carbon emitting sources of energy for its operations. Marathon Digital eyes sustainable energy sources According to the CEO, […]
In 2021, NFTs gained an unprecedented popularity. Ethereum blockchain users were actively minting tokens thus overloading the network which sent transaction fees skyrocketing. The 2Miners pool came up with an innovative solution: rewarding ETH miners in BTC and NANO. As a result, you could save on expenses and technically even mine Bitcoin on GPUs. Now […]
Oklahoma lawmakers are in the final stages of introducing legislation that would make the state the new cryptocurrency mining hub in the U.S. Called the “Commercial Digital Asset Mining Act of 2022,” the proposed bill would see the state provide various incentives to businesses in “innovative technological industries” that set up shop in Oklahoma. Cheaper […]
Proof of Work has gotten a bad rep over the past few years as mining firms have grown along with the environmental ramifications. As the CEO of a blockchain studio, I have struggled with the environmental impact of the miners. I am personally responsible for the creation of many blocks across many chains. Whether we’re […]
The past week has been one of multiple milestones for Bitcoin. Soon after SBI Crypto mined the 19 millionth Bitcoin, the mining difficulty of the flagship digital asset reached a new all-time high of 28.587 trillion. The jump in mining difficulty happened on March 31 at block 729,792. This is the first time the mining […]
The 19,000,000th Bitcoin has just been mined at block #730003. This leaves just 2 million for the rest of us. It seems that some outlets were reporting the news a little prematurely to start the party early. Running your full node is the only way to ensure you use up-to-date information. However, we are now […]
Horizen, Grin, Ergo cryptocurrency node updates, high rewards in the Ethereum pool, Bitcoin payout system released for the Ethereum Classic pools. Bitcoin Payouts for ETC Mining We launched the new payout system in the Ethereum Classic 2Miners pools. It allows you to mine ETC and receive the payouts in BTC! This system works for both […]
A couple of days ago, we published an article on Planetwatch. In it, I toyed with the idea of a crypto mining super box that could mine different cryptocurrencies. Well, a few hours after it went live, I received an email from a reader informing me that there was indeed such a device. It is […]
The Bitcoin community is reacting strongly to calls by environmental NGO Greenpeace and Ripple Co-founder Chris Larsen for a change in the consensus model of the digital asset. Larsen’s Ripple association gives concern Larsen, the chairman of Ripple, donated $5 million to a Greenpeace Campaign seeking to change the Bitcoin code. The “Change the Code, […]
Today, Nova Labs (formerly Helium Inc) announced $200M in Series D financing at a $1.2B valuation with investment from Tiger Global, a16z, Nokia, and Alexis Ohanian. Volvo, Cisco, and Accenture are now starting to utilize the Helium Network, causing a breakout year where the company became the fastest rollout of a wireless network in history. […]